Pyromagic - Festiwal fajerwerków

General info

The year 2008 began the largest and most spectacular fireworks shows competition in our country. Szczecin - fireworks favorable city, famed our festival in the world over the past years. As no longer the youngest in Europe, but still growing festival, according to his requirements, it transforms fireworks shows to pyro musical spectacular shows. Pyromagic - International Fireworks Festival hosted teams from Italy, Canada, Germany, Portugal, France, Slovakia, China, Korea, France, Czech Republic, Australia, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, the United Arab Emirates. Trying to show you the teams from new countries, for 2015 we invited pyrotechnics from Spain and Luxembourg. Invited pyrotechnics are performers not only in their own countries, but also participants in other festivals with a long tradition around the world. Pyrotechnics, fireworks, background music this artistic connection creats a breathtaking spectacle that build excitement. And yet for that matter !!!


Selected companies have to show pyrotechnic show together with the proposed music. The theme is chosen freely, but pyrotechnic show has to last 15 minutes. In order to comply with safety rules on cargo, pyrotechnic show has to be set up in line with the technical organizer. The participant is required to provide all compatible with the letter of the law valid documents, mentioned in the contract.


The festival promotes pyrotechnic show as a spectacle. Assembly takes place on the Grodzka Island on a dedicated lane of island with a length of 180m and a width of 5m. Fireworks are allowed, front loads limited to 30mm as well as water power actuated to the river Oder. Spherical and cylindrical loads for safety reasons are limited to 125mm. Each team performs its pyrotechnic show in two stages, the first 2 minutes performs in accordance with the background music specified by the organizer, and the remaining time is free for the contractor. Pyro-musical show - pyrotechnic show is rated by 5 people of Jury, on behalf of the cultural institutions of city Szczecin and institutes certificating fireworks and organizer.